Can We Get A Quick, Easy Divorce?

There is such a thing as an easy (or easier) divorce. When people refer to an easy divorce, they are usually referring to either an uncontested divorce or a summary dissolution. An uncontested divorce is “easy” in that both parties are in agreement as to all of the issues—property division, child custody, etc. A summary […]

Are There Different Types of Divorces?

There are technically different types of divorce. In addition to a “regular” dissolution of marriage (the legal term for divorce), there is a “summary” dissolution. A summary dissolution is a simple, faster process that applies to a short-term marriage. In addition to divorce, there are other methods to ending a marriage or marital-type relationship. The […]

8 Tips For A Smooth Summer Vacation When Co-Parenting

Summer will be here before you know it. Have you taken time to consider how your children’s summer vacation will affect your custody/visitation plan? Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when making those summer plans. Review your custody/visitation order (parenting plan). Sometimes we remember things incorrectly; make sure your memory is […]