Can We Get A Quick, Easy Divorce?

There is such a thing as an easy (or easier) divorce. When people refer to an easy divorce, they are usually referring to either an uncontested divorce or a summary dissolution.

An uncontested divorce is “easy” in that both parties are in agreement as to all of the issues—property division, child custody, etc. A summary dissolution is the easiest and quickest type of uncontested divorce, but it is an option for only a small portion of married people.


“Uncontested” means there is no dispute or disagreement. If a divorcing couple is able to agree on all the issues involved, they can save huge amounts of time, aggravation, and expense.

The divorce process becomes stalled when spouses disagree on issues such as child custody or division of property. Usually these issues must be worked out with motions and hearings, costing both parties several hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

If you can work out these issues either between the two of you or with a mediator, you can procure a relatively quick and easy divorce—“quick” meaning in 6 to 12 months time; “easy” meaning you have resolved your issues without depositions, court hearings, or trial.

Something to keep in mind when you are frustrated with the process or your spouse’s demands is whether this issue is really worth the fight in the long run. Of course, the answer to that question may not be crystal clear—it’s probably worth getting some professional advice to help you decide. For example, if you are insisting on full custody, is this something a court is likely to order? If not, then by agreeing to a shared custody plan, you can avoid the cost and time of litigating the issue.

Another important result of an uncontested divorce is that you (and your children) are able to avoid magnified anxiety, anger, and loss.


The quickest form of uncontested divorce is called summary dissolution. This process requires fewer forms, an easier procedure, and is officially finished in six months. However, a summary dissolution is only available to people who qualify. There are several specific requirements. These include:

  • Being married for 5 years or less
  • No children
  • No ownership of real property
  • Community property is worth less than $41,000
  • Each person’s separate property is worth less than $41,000 (not including cars)
  • Total community debt is less than $6,000 (not including cars)
  • Meet state and county residency requirements

By opting for a summary dissolution, a couple acknowledges that there are no “do overs” (no new trial options or appeals of the order). Therefore, it is worth seeking a legal consultation to make sure this route is appropriate for you.

Uncontested Divorce At An Affordable Fixed Fee

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