How do I find a good IP attorney?

A good place to start, and one of the best methods to search for patent attorneys or patent brokers, is to get on the internet and go to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO lists patent attorneys and brokers by state.. (

  1. As a domestic battery lawyer in Putnam and Hendricks Counties I represent those who have been charged with domestic battery or another crime in Indiana.. (
  2. (David Seiter is) very knowledgeable on juvenile law. Treated my son with respect and explained how the legal process works. Would highly recommend. Julie E.. (
  3. O'Brien & Dekker, Attorneys At Law, provides seasoned representation for several areas of law. Call 765-742-9027 in Lafayette for the help you need.. (
  4. Free Consultation - Call (317) 752-7563 - DeVries Law Office aggressively represents the accused against charges in Criminal & Domestic Violence cases.. (
  5. Criminal defense attorney Jeff Semko in Lake County - Northwest Indiana can help you w/ traffic tickets, CDL's commercial driver' license, and expungements.. (
  6. Maryland considers an assault charge a serious offense, and without the right criminal lawyer involved, a conviction will yield severe penalties.. (
  7. (visit
  8. Unlike common law, Maryland criminal statutes consider “assault” to include the crimes of assault, battery, and assault and battery.. (
  9. Protect your legal rights with help from the Columbia assault lawyers at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A... (
  10. You should contact a Maryland simple assault lawyer to help you build a defense if you have been charged with committing an assault charge.. (
  11. Maryland Assault Lawyers · Defending Assault & Battery Charges · Maryland's Assault Laws · Penalties for Assault in Maryland · Don't Overlook Your Rights.. (
  12. Lawyer Scott MacMullan is an experienced first & second-degree/simple assualt defense lawyer. Contact Scott if you have been charged with assault in MD.. (
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  14. In Maryland, an assault charge can cover an offense as minor as a verbal threat, or it can cover the offense of stabbing someone.. (
  15. At Drew Cochran, Attorney at Law, I understand the serious nature of a first-degree assault charge, and I offer my clients a tenacious defense.. (
  16. An assault lawyer in Maryland can help you prepare a strong defense if you have charges of assault or domestic violence - Call Us - 888-437-7747.. (
  17. With my effective legal assistance, Maryland assault charges can often be resolved in a way that preserves your freedom and your good name.. (
  18. Charged with First Degree or Second Degree Assault in Maryland? Know your rights, contact an attorney today to protect your rights. Call 410-415-9333.. (
  19. I was served with a protective order. What do I do? You are identified on those papers as the Respondent. You are not being arrested or charged with a crime.. (
  20. If you have been charged with Sexual Assault in Baltimore County, Maryland please call The Law Office of Jack B. Rubin at 410.727.8710 or contact us online.. (
  21. Maryland law defines assault as the act of unreasonably frightening another person and making him or her think bodily harm will be done to him.. (
  22. First and Second Degree Assault are different. You need a Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent you if you have been charged. Call us today!. (
  23. Baltimore criminal defense lawyer Charles L. Waechter defends people charged with sex offenses in Maryland, South Florida and in other states.. (
  24. Choosing a reputable St. Louis criminal defense lawyer should be your first priority when you have been accused of assault and battery charges.. (

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