Tracy L. Henderson - Attorney at Law
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Focusing on Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation


Charge: Felony kidnapping, domestic violence, child endangerment, threats with violence. Disposition: Misdemeanor trespass.

Charge: Misdemeanor filing false police report putting ability to naturalize at risk and potential for deportation. Disposition: Motion to withdraw plea granted and case dismissed.

Charge: Misdemeanor hit and run. Disposition: Civil Compromise which suspends criminal proceedings and discharges defendant.

Charge: Felony Drug Possession and Transportation. Disposition: Prop 36

Charge: Felony evading, DUI, grand theft... Disposition: Felony probation with no ESS.

Charge: Misdemeanor child endangerment, battery, vandalism. Disposition: Misdemeanor disturbing the peace and vandalism.

Charge: Possession of illegal fireworks. Disposition: Infraction with $120.00 fine.

Charge: Misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. Disposition: Dismissal.


Tracy Henderson, Esq. is a criminal defense and civil litigation attorney. She mainly represents clients in the criminal justice system in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties. Tracy will defend your rights and ensure your particular legal issue is thoroughly researched and resolved at an affordable price. She will help you examine your options and determine the best course of action for your case based on your particular circumstances.

Tracy also works with attorneys from outside the Tri-County area to represent clients who run into legal difficulty while visiting Monterey, San Benito or Santa Cruz counties. She is of counsel for a law firm and regularly makes special appearances for out of county attorneys and firms. She works to ensure every client has a strong advocate and trusted counselor working with them at the local level.

Tracy has a Bachelor of Arts in public affairs and a Juris Doctorate. She brings a wide background of professional experience to her law practice and clearly understands how to best meet a client’s needs. After being a marketing communications consultant for 10 years, she has worked in the legal field for seven years. Tracy “apprenticed” under a prominent local attorney where she learned the practice of law from the ground up. She began as a receptionist, worked up to office manager and litigation paralegal where she sat second chair in many large civil cases, and then passed the California bar exam on the first try.

Prior to beginning her private law practice in 2008, Tracy most recently worked as a criminal defense attorney for the Monterey County Public Defender’s office where she managed a caseload of approximately 300 at one time. She was successful at obtaining diversions, civil compromises, infractions, and dismissals for her clients. She also is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for neglected and abused children, so she understands both the parents’ and children’s sides of the dependency and juvenile systems. Tracy resides with her husband and daughter in Monterey County.

Tracy L. Henderson - Attorney at Law