Can We Get A Quick, Easy Divorce?

There is such a thing as an easy (or easier) divorce. When people refer to an easy divorce, they are usually referring to either an uncontested divorce or a summary dissolution. An uncontested divorce is “easy” in that both parties are in agreement as to all of the issues—property division, child custody, etc. A summary […]

Are There Different Types of Divorces?

There are technically different types of divorce. In addition to a “regular” dissolution of marriage (the legal term for divorce), there is a “summary” dissolution. A summary dissolution is a simple, faster process that applies to a short-term marriage. In addition to divorce, there are other methods to ending a marriage or marital-type relationship. The […]

8 Tips For A Smooth Summer Vacation When Co-Parenting

Summer will be here before you know it. Have you taken time to consider how your children’s summer vacation will affect your custody/visitation plan? Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when making those summer plans. Review your custody/visitation order (parenting plan). Sometimes we remember things incorrectly; make sure your memory is […]

Can We Modify Our Child’s Visitation Schedule Without Going to Court?

Divorce decrees and custody schedules are designed to last. Courts and legislators know that these schedules must be clear, yet flexible, to account for the inevitable changing circumstances of growing children. However, nothing is foolproof. As children age, their school schedules and participation in extracurricular activities can vary vastly. Similarly, the schedules and job demands […]