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Charge: Felony kidnapping, domestic violence, child endangerment, threats with violence. Disposition: Misdemeanor trespass.

Charge: Misdemeanor filing false police report putting ability to naturalize at risk and potential for deportation. Disposition: Motion to withdraw plea granted and case dismissed.

Charge: Misdemeanor hit and run. Disposition: Civil Compromise which suspends criminal proceedings and discharges defendant.

Charge: Felony Drug Possession and Transportation. Disposition: Prop 36

Charge: Felony evading, DUI, Grand Theft... Disposition: Felony probation with no ESS.

Charge: Misdemeanor child endangerment, battery, vandalism. Disposition: Misdemeanor disturbing the peace and vandalism.

Charge: Possession of illegal fireworks. Disposition: Infraction with $120.00 fine.

Charge: Misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. Disposition: Dismissal.

Tracy L. Henderson - Attorney at Law