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GJD, Los Angeles County, CA

Tracy Henderson handled my case through the Monterey County Courthouse in Salinas California without me ever having to come back to Monterey. I live in Los Angeles County. I was never arrested yet I received charges of two misdemeanors from Monterey County through the mail. Until you go through the court system, especially for the first time, you don't have an understanding of how agonizing it can be. I could always communicate with Tracy either by telephone or by email and she was always there to tell me that there is a judicial process and that everything will work out. She was very consistent and persistent and she succeeded in getting the misdemeanor charges dropped for an infraction (equivalent to a traffic ticket). Thanks to her, my innocence and clean record were preserved. Fees well spent!


Arizona Businessman

“I was referred to Tracy by another attorney who could not handle my case due to some complexities in the issues. Tracy not only had an excellent grasp of the issues but she negotiated an exactable outcome even under rather bad circumstances. I’ve found, over the years in business, an experienced attorney is worth their weight in savings. With Tracy you will be getting the best in both knowledge and integrity. Fee’s well spent.”

Tracy L. Henderson - Attorney at Law